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We treat every company like it was own - that's been our secret to customer success


•Brian Fleming founded Hot Iron in 2001 by a helping a a new software company turn it's new product into a viable business by identify new markets and finding customers, then a building an lead engine to support its growth.      One happy customer, then on to the next.

Hot Iron offered Growth Consultants hired Fractionally (so you have time you need) and filled a void in the market where companies needed to become laser focused on new customer acquisition with experienced teams on demand.

Focused initially on business to business companies Hot Iron bundled additional services over the time.

  • In 2004 we added Sales Outsourcing where we we manage the entire Funnel to Close as an option.
  • Later we added Go To Market and Transformation technology services including CRM Services  - Zoho and
  • Soon  digital marketing and marketing automation were added to allow Hot Iron to offer what we call Full Funnel service.  Content Marketing, SEO, Lead Generation Funnels, Email Marketing, Outbound Campaigns, Marketing Automation, and more.
  • Anywhere our clients in needed support and enhancement of their marketing and sales funnels we could provide cutting edge services alongside their teams.


Today, Hot Iron Marketing and Sales leads with market and persona identification and lead generation - known as an agency that provides results and premium programming on demand.  From there we help you scale and close together.

Brian Fleming - Founder, Chief Revenue Officer for Clients

"Most consultants in sales and marketing take a project approach.  They tell you can build you something that will help with revenue addition.  Its not how sales works however, so real sustainable, predicable growth is not likely to hold.

We work with you and teach how to build a sustainable revenue machine by investing in people, creating a culture, driving innovation and collaboration through sales and marketing in conjunction with the entire organization.

We've built dozens of high-growth clients.  We'd like to start a long term relationship with you. It starts with a conversation.

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