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We treat every company like it was own - that's been our secret to customer success


•Brian Fleming founded in 2001 first client helped with growth, a software company called Elegent. Unique offering of Sales as a Service Consultants – hired Fractionally (so you have time you need) . Focused initially on business to business companies.

•Bundled Services – you hire our team and we can work with you on what you need when you need to get it done.

•Added Sales Outsourcing in 2004

•Go To Market and CRM Services in 2005

• Specialization added 2006

•Expanded into B2C, Marketing Data Management, Digital Marketing Technology Services in 2010

•Added Customer Experience Consulting, Zoho Consulting in 2012

•2014 began SEO, Marketing As A Service, Content Marketing services

•2015 Growing Digital Marketing, Reputation Management Offerings with Partners

•2017 Added Marketing Outsourcing Program

Brian Fleming - Founder, Chief Revenue Officer for Clients

"Most consultants in sales and marketing take a project approach.  They tell you can build you something that will help with revenue addition.  Its not how sales works however, so real sustainable, predicable growth is not likely to hold

We work with you and teach how to build a sustainable revenue machine by investing in people, creating a culture, driving innovation and collaboration through sales and marketing in conjunction with the entire organization.

We've built dozens of high-growth clients.  We'd like to start a long term relationship with you. It starts with a conversation.

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